How Does Yayatoh Works As Multi-Vendor

Feb 2, 2020

How Does Yayatoh Works As Multi-Vendor

How Does Yayatoh Multi-Vendors works?

Yayatoh is a stylish website that allows you to host, manage, advertise and sell tickets for your upcomming events. The process is very easy as 123.

1. Create an account

Once you create your account, you will be able to create an event

2. Give your event details

Just post the location, price, date and etc...keep in mind that by providing more details for your events, it will standout and reduce the number of calls and ultimately help you sell more tickets.

3. Share the link of your events

Once your event has been created, it will automatically generate a link that you copy and send to your friends, customers or on social media.


Once that is done, just sit back and relax and see your ticket sales grow.




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